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Dictionary title
NMR Exchange Format Dictionary
Dictionary description
Draft data definitions for NMR exchange format definitions
Original developers
NMR Exchange Format (NEF) Working Group
Dictionary maintainers
NMR Exchange Format (NEF) Working Group
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Dictionary Revision History

Version Revision Date Revision Description
1.0 2016-11-06 Rasmus Fogh
- Updated to reflect discussion and participant survey
- changed ordinal and index_id to index
- changed run_ordinal to run_number
- removed _nef_chemical_shift_list.atom_chemical_shift_units
- renamed residue_type to residue_name
- Added _nef_sequence.cis_peptide tag
- Added _nef_chemical_shift.element
- Added _nef_chemical_shift.isotope_number
- Changed examples to reflect new semantics
.101 2016-02-23 Rasmus Fogh
- Entered mising data
- Reordered to match display ordered
- Added new tag _category.parent_category_id to show saveframe location of loops
- Added new data types
.100 2015-01-09 Changes (NEF Working Group): Preliminary version release

NMR Exchange Format Working: Geerten Vuister (chair), Rasmus Fogh, Peter G√ľntert,
Charles Schwieters, Michael Nilges,T.J. Ragan,Torsten Herrmann, David A Case
Gaetano Montelione, David Wishart, Wim F. Vranken, Paul Adams, Roberto Tejero, Eldon Ulrich,
Naohiro Kobayashi, John Markley, Sameer Velankar, Aleksandras Gutmanas, John Westbrook