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Overall average Fourier Shell Correlation (avgFSC) between model and observed structure factors for all reflections. The average FSC is a measure of the agreement between observed and calculated structure factors. sum(Ni FSCi) avgFSC = ---------------- sum(Ni) Ni = the number of all reflections in the resolution shell i FSCi = FSC for all reflections in the i-th resolution shell calculated as: (sum(|Fo| |Fc| fom cos(phic-phio))) FSCi = ------------------------------------------- (sum(|Fo|2) (sum(|Fc|2)))1/2 |Fo| = amplitude of observed structure factor |Fc| = amplitude of calculated structure factor phio = phase of observed structure factor phic = phase of calculated structure factor fom = figure of merit of the experimental phases. Summation of FSCi is carried over all reflections in the resolution shell. Summation of avgFSC is carried over all resolution shells. Ref: Rosenthal P.B., Henderson R. "Optimal determination of particle orientation, absolute hand, and contrast loss in single-particle electron cryomicroscopy. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2003;333(4):721-745, equation (A6).

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