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Rietveld/Profile fit R factors. Note that the R factor computed for Rietveld refinements using the extracted reflection intensity values (often called the Rietveld or Bragg R factor, RB) is not properly a profile R factor. pdbx_pd_proc_ls_prof_wR_factor often called Rwp, is a weighted fitness metric for the agreement between the observed and computed diffraction patterns Rwp = SQRT { sumi ( w(i) [ Iobs(i) - Icalc(i) ]2 ) / sumi ( w(i) [Iobs(i)]2 ) } Note that in the above equations, w(i) is the weight for the ith data point Iobs(i) is the observed intensity for the ith data point, sometimes referred to as yi(obs) or yoi. Icalc(i) is the computed intensity for the ith data point with background and other corrections applied to match the scale of the observed dataset, sometimes referred to as yi(calc) or yci. n is the total number of data points (see _refine.pdbx_pd_number_of_points) less the number of data points excluded from the refinement. p is the total number of refined parameters.

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_pd_proc_ls_prof_wR_factor cif_pd.dic 1.0