Data Item _struct_ref.pdbx_seq_one_letter_code


Item name
Category name
Attribute name
Required in PDB entries
Used in current PDB entries
Yes, in about 74.0 % of entries

Item Description

Database chemical sequence expressed as string of one-letter amino acid codes.

Item Example

A  for alanine or adenine
B  for ambiguous asparagine/aspartic-acid
R  for arginine
N  for asparagine
D  for aspartic-acid
C  for cysteine or cystine or cytosine
Q  for glutamine
E  for glutamic-acid
Z  for ambiguous glutamine/glutamic acid
G  for glycine or guanine
H  for histidine
I  for isoleucine
L  for leucine
K  for lysine
M  for methionine
F  for phenylalanine
P  for proline
S  for serine
T  for threonine or thymine
W  for tryptophan
Y  for tyrosine
V  for valine
U  for uracil
O  for water
X  for other

Data Type

Data type code
Data type detail
text item types / multi-line text ...
Primitive data type code
Regular expression
[][ \n\t()_,.;:"&<>/\{}'`~!@#$%?+=*A-Za-z0-9|^-]*


Alias Item Name Dictionary Name Dictionary Version
_struct_ref.rcsb_seq_one_letter_code cif_rcsb.dic 1.1