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Dictionary title
Small Angle Scattering Dictionary
Dictionary description
Draft data definitions for small-angle scattering applications
Original developers
Marc Malfois and Dmitri Svergun
Dictionary maintainers
wwPDB Small Angle Scattering Task Force
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Dictionary version
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Dictionary Revision History

Version Revision Date Revision Description
0.6 2017-02-21 Updates: (ck)
+ Extensions supporting of SASBDB resource and integration with wwPDB OneDep system
0.51 2015-01-26 Updates: (jdw)
+ Refined parent-child relationships ( Michael Kachala and Dmitri Svergun).
0.5 2015-01-17 Updates: (jdw)
+ Incorporate extensions for SASDB provided by Michael Kachala and Dmitri Svergun.
0.4.04 2013-10-17 jdw: Format and syntax updates based on software checks. mmcif_sas.dic
0.4.03 2010-01-26 IDB: set up the sas_axis category and changed all the references to the axis system to conform to the use of a local set of laboratory axes defined in sas_axis in terms of the Standard Laboratory Refrence System.
Rearranged items in alphabetic order (excetpt .id items come first)
0.4.02 2010-01-05 IDB: Further changes in response to DSV's suggestions mmcif_sas.dic
0.4.01 2007-10-23 I.D.Brown: Introduced the standard CIF axis system defined in imgCIF and reorganized sas_intensity into sas_scan and sas_scan_intensity. Moved .beam_id and .detc_id from sas_sample to sas_scan. Changed some names and improved definitions etc. Inserted a number of queries. mmcif_sas.dic
0.3 2001-05-05 Corrections made made by M. Malfois according the questions and comments of I.D.Brown mmcif_sas.dic
0.2 2000-12-19 Corrections made by I.D.Brown together with questions raised in comments mmcif_sas.dic
0.1.3 1999-06-02
Corrections with better definitions of the items.
0.1.2 1999-03-12
Corrections including keywords defined in the core dictionary.
0.1.1 1998-11-23
Initial definitions corrected according to the DDL2 format.
0.1 1998-11-09
Initial definitions