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NMRSTAR Dictionary
Dictionary description
PDBx/mmCIF translation of the NMRSTAR data dictionary developed by the BioMagResBank
Original developers
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BioMagResBank and wwPDB
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Dictionary Revision History

Version Revision Date Revision Description 2013-10-14
Changed category group, and item group for X-ray_instrument to Xray_instrument
mmcif_nmr-star.dic 2013-10-14
Category groups updated.
mmcif_nmr-star.dic 2013-10-13
Save frames for MS, EMR, and FRET added.
Spell checking on tag descriptions carried out.
Many corrections and suggestions provided by PDBj-BMRB implemented.
mmcif_nmr-star.dic 2008-06-04
Large number of new tags implemented.
mmcif_nmr-star.dic 2007-01-01
Multiple updates to tags and categories implemented.