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Category Description

               Data items in the CHEM_COMP_ANGLE category record details about
               angles in a chemical component. Angles are designated by three
               atoms, with the second atom forming the vertex of the angle.
               Target values may be specified as angles in degrees, as a
               distance between the first and third atoms, or both.

Category Example

   PHE N 	CA 	C 	110.8
   PHE N 	CA 	CB 	110.1
   PHE C 	CA 	CB 	110.3
   PHE C 	CA 	HA 	108.3
   PHE CA 	C 	O 	118.4
   PHE CA 	C 	OXT 	117.8
   PHE CA 	CB 	CG 	114.0
   PHE O 	C 	OXT 	123.8
   PHE CB 	CG 	CD1 	120.8
   PHE CB 	CG 	CD2 	120.5