Data Category pdbx_chem_comp_model_bond


Category name
Required in PDB entries
Category group membership
chem_comp_model_group  pdbx_group
Used in current PDB entries

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Category Description

               Data items in the PDBX_CHEM_COMP_MODEL_BOND category record details about
               the bonds between atoms in a chemical component model instance.

Category Example

 M_ZZV_00001 CAA NBA  SING 1  
 M_ZZV_00001 CAA HAA  SING 2  
 M_ZZV_00001 CAA HAAA SING 3  
 M_ZZV_00001 CAA HAAB SING 4  
 M_ZZV_00001 CAB SBC  SING 5  
 M_ZZV_00001 CAB HAB  SING 6  
 M_ZZV_00001 CAB HABA SING 7  
 M_ZZV_00001 CAB HABB SING 8  
 M_ZZV_00001 OAC CAR  DOUB 9  
 M_ZZV_00001 OAD SBC  DOUB 10 
 M_ZZV_00001 OAE SBC  DOUB 11 
 M_ZZV_00001 OAF CAU  SING 12 
 M_ZZV_00001 OAF HOAF SING 13 
 M_ZZV_00001 FAG CAS  SING 14 
 M_ZZV_00001 CAH CAI  DOUB 15 
 M_ZZV_00001 CAH CAN  SING 16 
 M_ZZV_00001 CAH HAH  SING 17 
 M_ZZV_00001 CAI NAQ  SING 18 
 M_ZZV_00001 CAI HAI  SING 19 
 # --- abbreviated ----