Data Category pdbx_reference_molecule_related_structures


Category name
Required in PDB entries
Category group membership
bird_family_dictionary_group  pdbx_group
Used in current PDB entries

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Category Description

               Data items in the PDBX_REFERENCE_MOLECULE_RELATED_STRUCTURES category record 
               details of the structural examples in related databases for this entity.

Category Example

 FAM_000001   1   1  CCDC  144860   POHMUU  "2,2'-D-bis(O-Methyltyrosinyl)-actinomycin D ethyl acetate hydrate" 
 "C72 H90 N12 O18" 
 FAM_000001   2   2  CCDC  140332   ZZZGQM  "Actinomycin" ?
 FAM_000001   3   2  CCDC  140333 ZZZGQM01  "Actinomycin" ?
 FAM_000001   4   3  CCDC   36676   BEJXET  "bis(Deoxyguanylyl-(3'-5')-deoxycytidine) actinomycin D hydrate"  
 "C62 H86 N12 O16; 2(C19 H25 N8 O10 P1)"
 FAM_000001   5   4  CCDC   77327   GIDNUC  "Actinomycin D ethanol solvate hydrate"  "C62 H86 N12 O16"
 FAM_000001   6   5  CCDC  128630 ACTDGU01  "Actinomycin D bis(deoxyguanosine) dodecahydrate" ?
 FAM_000001   7   6  CCDC     455 ACTDGU10  "Actinomycin D bis(deoxyguanosine) dodecahydrate" ?
 FAM_000001   8   6  CCDC    3032   BRAXGU  "7-Bromoactinomycin D bis(deoxyguanosine) undecahydrate" ?