Data Category pdbx_chem_comp_atom_related


Category name
Required in PDB entries
Category group membership
chem_comp_dictionary_group  chem_comp_group  pdbx_group
Used in current PDB entries
Used in the Chemical Component dictionary

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Category Description

 PDBX_CHEM_COMP_ATOM_RELATED provides atom level nomenclature mapping between two related chemical components.

Category Example

     1 SGN C1    GLC C1   'Carbohydrate core'
     2 SGN C2    GLC C2   'Carbohydrate core'
     3 SGN C3    GLC C3   'Carbohydrate core'
     4 SGN C4    GLC C4   'Carbohydrate core'
     5 SGN C5    GLC C5   'Carbohydrate core'
     6 SGN C6    GLC C6   'Carbohydrate core'
     7 SGN N     GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
     8 SGN O1    GLC O1   'Carbohydrate core'
     9 SGN O3    GLC O3   'Carbohydrate core'
    10 SGN O4    GLC O4   'Carbohydrate core'
    11 SGN O5    GLC O5   'Carbohydrate core'
    12 SGN O6    GLC O6   'Carbohydrate core'
    13 SGN S1    GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    14 SGN O1S   GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    15 SGN O2S   GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    16 SGN O3S   GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    17 SGN S2    GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    18 SGN O4S   GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    19 SGN O5S   GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    20 SGN O6S   GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    21 SGN H1    GLC H1   'Carbohydrate core'
    22 SGN H2    GLC H2   'Carbohydrate core'
    23 SGN H3    GLC H3   'Carbohydrate core'
    24 SGN H4    GLC H4   'Carbohydrate core'
    25 SGN H5    GLC H5   'Carbohydrate core'
    26 SGN H61   GLC H61  'Carbohydrate core'
    27 SGN H62   GLC H62  'Carbohydrate core'
    28 SGN HN    GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    29 SGN HO1   GLC HO1  'Carbohydrate core'
    30 SGN HO3   GLC HO3  'Carbohydrate core'
    31 SGN HO4   GLC HO4  'Carbohydrate core'
    32 SGN HOS3  GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'
    33 SGN HOS6  GLC ?    'Carbohydrate core'