Data Category em_map_eigenvalues


Category name
Required in PDB entries
Category group membership
em_group  em_map_group
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Category Description

    Data items in the EM_MAP_EIGENVALUES category record details
    about values of the eigenvectors for projection sets.
    2d projection images are considered as a linear combination of     
    the main eigenvectors 'eigenimages' of the projection set,
    enabling a reduction of the total amount of data and simplifying 
    its interpretation. The eigenvalue spectrum gives an indication
    of the randomness of the data that is included in the reconstruction.
    The completeness of the data can be verified eg all eigenvalues exceeded 1.0.

Category Example                               1 
  _em_map_eigenvalues.map_id                           1
  _em_map_eigenvalues.number_eigenimages               .
  _em_map_eigenvalues.details                          . 
  _em_map_eigenvalues.spectrum                         .
  _em_map_eigenvalues.min_value                        .
  _em_map_eigenvalues.max_value                        .